Pokies are one of the favourite forms of gambling, not only in New Zealand but in many other parts of the world. It is such a crucial topic that we felt it deserved having this website dedicated to it. This way, those people who want to know more about pokies in New Zealand, now have a quick, easy and very informative resource to rely on. Throughout the pages here, there are different categories, so the information we want to share is easy to find, according to interest.


This section gets right down to what these amazing machines are all about. In other places, they are referred to as slot machines. But here in NZ, they are called pokies. Some of the posts that are in this section deal with a little bit of history about them. Then, there is some interesting information about the online pokies.


For the gambling enthusiasts, we have covered some topics that deal with casinos. This refers to the on-land casinos, as well as the online casinos. You will enjoy the comparison that we have done of the two.


Pokies come under the umbrella of gambling. Sometimes pokie enthusiasts want to try something different. Our gambling section will explain what other types of gambling they can enjoy, at the on-land or online casinos, and gambling portals.

It definitely doesn’t make any difference, as to whether you are a new or experienced pokie player; you will surely find what we have to offer you here most interesting.