There are many different types of gambling options for those who enjoy this form of entertainment. Everyone has their own preferences, but one of the most favoured games is playing the pokies. There are several reasons for this.

For the Win

Most will say that people play the pokies because they are chasing the bigwins. It is true that this is one of the reasons, but it certainly is not the only one. Aside from the big jackpots that the progressive pokies offer, there are plenty of other opportunities to get some decent wins on these.

For the Entertainment

Pokies really are entertaining. They have gone far past the three reel type of pokies. Now there are multiple lines, and all kinds of additional components added to them, that really makes each spin most exciting. These extras are in the form of mini-games that give free spins, or different types of bonuses. The playing of pokies is far more interactive than it used to be.

For the Intrigue

Each pokie machine has its own theme. These are depicted through colourful graphics and soundtracks. People love this and will gravitate to those themes that appeal to them the most. Many make their choices based on the theme, and not necessarily what the pokie is going to pay out.


One of the big advantages to the pokies is that there are no learning curves to master, and no skills or strategies needed for gameplay. This is not the same with some of the other types of casino games.

Stand Alone Play

A lot of people don’t like playing casino games where they are up against other players, such as card games for example. A pokie player is all on their own, with just their chosen pokie. Players feel relaxed, and don’t have to make any gameplay decision, other than how much to bet on each spin.