For those people who enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment when in New Zealand, you have some great opportunities to do so. There are many great options for this.

Playing the Pokies

Gambling activities are controlled by the New Zealand government. One of the gambling categories is the pokies, or as known in other countries, the slots. There are some options for being able to play these in NZ. Some charitable organisations are allowed to have these machines in public places like hotels and bars. A portion of the proceeds collected from them goes to the organisation that has the licence for them.

Then, when one goes to any of the casinos in New Zealand, they will also have a great chance to play a variety of the different pokies. This is one of the favourite gambling activities, that gaming enthusiasts enjoy in NZ.


Six on-land casinos are operating throughout New Zealand. Here, one can enjoy a variety of different types of gambling. There are not only the pokies but also a large selection of table games. For those who want to enjoy sports betting, they can also do this at the casinos.

Online Gambling

When in New Zealand, there is also the option of being able to enjoy online casinos and gambling portals. All it takes is a laptop or a mobile device, and one can enjoy their gambling activities anytime that they want.

Visitors to New Zealand are most pleased with what the casinos located throughout the country have to offer. In these land-based settings, there are good choices for games. There are other conveniences, such as being able to enjoy the restaurants that are affiliated with the casinos. Then, for visitors, there is accommodation offered as well. With access to the internet, tourists can just go online to enjoy their favourite gambling activities.